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The Wild Unknown Tarot Card Interpretation Database: Three of Pentacles

Use this resource as a guide to interpreting the Three of Pentacles tarot card as drawn by Kim Krans in The Wild Unknown tarot deck.

Three of Pentacles Wild Unknown
Three of Pentacles

Visual Description

A massive mountain peak dominates this card. Mountains are earth, fixed in place, the product of ancient shifts in tectonic plates. This mountain has a few smaller peaks and valleys that make up its topography, but the pinnacle is quite obvious. While the backdrop of the mountain is darkened by lines, the mountain itself almost seems to have a halo effect around it.

Beneath the mountain is a simple mirror of the triangular mountain: a triangle of pentacles. Each pentacle is a different color, and the lines the connect the coins are the secondary color that combines the primary colors together. As a whole, the triangle forms a rainbow. The lines of the pentacles are overdrawn, bleeding into the base of the mountain itself. There is a rudimentary nature to this subterranean triangle.

Numerology + Suits

3s in numerology are a number of activation. You have your goal (ace), you've collected your resources (two), and now you're committing to the journey by taking that first, real step onto the path (three). You are an individual with 1, a pair with 2, and a team (or a traditional, nuclear family) with 3. You can think of this as the starting gun in the pre-race countdown. On your marks, ready set, GO!

Pentacles correspond with the element of earth and represent the material world. This means anything related to career, work, monetary resources, the skills we use to gain those resources, and the tangible goods we can buy with those resources.

Upright Interpretation

I always think of this card as embodying "team work makes the dream work." You're embarking on a goal, and as you get started you realized that you are not going to be able to do this alone. This is a major project (the mountain), and it's going to take many skills and resources (pentacles) to achieve.

This card is a call to community (three), and embracing the support and skillsets (pentacles) your chosen team has. And if there are still skills missing, recruit more hands, or take the time to develop that skill from within the group. The heights you can climb will be directly correlated with the strength of your team. Strong foundations start from the base. Are yours in place?

Reversed Interpretation

Reversed, this card may highlight that your team is not ready for the journey at head. That might be because one person (perhaps you) is putting their own needs and ego before the others or even ahead of the goal itself. It may even mean that you think you can do all of this on your own, and don't need a team. It is not weakness to want help, support, or camaraderie.

The journey ahead is long. Even if it does't feel that way at the outset of your projects, you'll move faster as a team than you will alone in the long run. You can predict all the obstacles you'll encounter, the peaks you'll have to scale, or the paths you'll have to carve on the journey ahead. The more skills and experiences your collective team has, the better your chances of reaching the top.


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