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The Wild Unknown Tarot Card Interpretation Database: Two of Pentacles

Use this resource as a guide to interpreting the Two of Pentacles tarot card as drawn by Kim Krans in The Wild Unknown tarot deck.

Two of Pentacles | Embracing Change
Two of Pentacles

Visual Description

A black-and-white butterfly dominates this card. Its wings are spread wide, their pattern beautiful and intricate. At first glance, the wings are a mirror image of each other, but upon closer inspection, one can spot the differences in shape, proportion and pattern.

Within the bottom half of each set of wings there is a black-and-white pentacle. Surrounding and connecting the pentacles is a thick, rainbow-colored infinity symbol.

The lines in this card are straight and even, forming upward-pointing chevrons that indicate movement and flight.

Numerology + Suits

2s in numerology are a number of partnership, balance, choice, and duality. Think phrases like "as above, so below", "opposites attract", "both/and" and "either/or". Picture images like a seesaw, a scale, a mirror, or an ink blot test.

Pentacles correspond with the element of earth and represent the material world. This means anything related to career, work, monetary resources, the skills we use to gain those resources, and the tangible goods we can buy with those resources.

Upright Interpretation

There is so much potential (infinity sign) and excitement in this card. You are being transformed through the journey you have just begun and the resources or skills you've recently gathered to support yourself on your path.

Butterflies are a well-known symbol of metamorphosis. You're going through big changes and instead of shying away from it, you're embracing it. Instead of seeing the loss of the ground, you're embracing the newness of flight.

But you're not looking at this through rose-colored lenses. You and your talents are not perfect. But you know things never will be. And that doesn't mean it's not worth trying. And trying is have the fun. Good luck!

Reversed Interpretation

Reversed, this card has "a glass half empty" kind of vibes. You're struggling with confidence as you navigate changes in yourself or your circumstances. Instead of embracing the chance to adapt and learn, you're yearning for a return to the familiar past. Maybe you don't feel you're ready for change. Maybe you don't think you're worthy of it. Maybe you can't see your own potential.

Whatever the case, this card asks you to see your own worthiness, to take risks, make bets, and be okay with failure. Failure is not a personal failing. It is simple a situation that provides a lesson, a springboard for starting again.


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