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November 2022 Astrology Highlights To Take Note Of

I’m getting ready to go on my honeymoon, so I’ve got a short-list of your November 2022 astrology highlights for you. We’re partway through Scorpio season, Mars has stationed retrograde in Gemini, and Jupiter has re-entered Pisces, so the energy right now is much different than it was even a few weeks ago. I don’t know if you’re feeling the same thing as me, but my general sentiment right now is not giving a fuck but somehow having a lot of deep epiphanies about what I want and how I’m choosing to respond to the world around me.

So let’s take a quick look at what may feel like a long month. Hang in there, folks! Wandering through the darkness reveals a lot about our inner light.

November Highlights

  1. 11/8: Sun Conjunct Mercury in Scorpio. This Mercury Cazimi through Scorpio on the U.S. Election date has the planet of communication being revitalized and energized with a penetrative and perceptive need for The Truth with a capital “t.” But in a world in which there are alternate truths and conspiracy theories in every direction, it’s hard to know how this Truth will manifest and how it will be received by the collective (or suppressed by it). This also feels like a moment in which obsession is amplified and given voice.

  2. 11/8: Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. As Mercury gets recharged with the power of deep truths via the sun, a Taurus Moon faces off with the Scorpio sun and highlights our essential need for resources in life. There is a craving on this day that feels all-encompassing, an attempt to find material security when emotional and psychological safety may not be accessible. Reflect on “need” in its many forms as you move through this powerful week. And before this happens, we’ll also have had the Sun (11/5), Mercury (11/6) and Venus (11/2) pass through this eclipse point, so look to the ego triggers, headlines and people that capture your attention earlier in the week. They may be a clue to your need.

  3. 11/9: Sun Opposite Uranus. Your identity or ego gets shaken up as the sun faces off against the planet of upheaval and radical change. The Sun is in Scorpio for its annual moment of highlighting our inner depths and healing shadows. But Uranus has been in Taurus — the sign of the earth and the resources Mother Earth gives us — for years now. So this upheaval may just be more of the same. Look back to November 4, 2021 and October 31, 2020 for some clues as to what this ego shakeup or ego mirroring might be for you...or where the cause of the shakeup may originate. Plus, Mercury (11/9) and Venus (11/5) will also oppose Uranus near this time, so the message may come through loud and clear and be reflected in your closest relationships.

  4. 11/19: Mars Square Neptune. This is a point at which malice and escapism collide in a way that potentially affects not just individuals but a collective. Mars is our anger and Neptune our collective unconscious. When these two forces intersect, the result could be a bang or a whimper. Just remember that the way you react isn’t within your control, but the way you respond is. Reaction is internal and physiological. Response is external and intellectual. Will you choose to stir the pot, or find a bridge across troubled waters?

  5. 11/22: Sun Enters Sagittarius. None of the slow-moving planets are making moves, but the sun is crawling out of the Scorpionic depths and into a lighter and more optimistic Sagittarius. Sagittarius wants to examine the truths we learned during Scorpio season and is willing to go on a quest (literal or metaphorical) to understand the larger existential impact of those truths. Through this quest we grow. By the time the sun enters Sagittarius, Mercury and Venus will already be waiting.

  6. 11/23: New Moon in Sagittarius. The New Moon falls very early in Sagittarius season, at the first degree of this Fire Sign. So this new moon feels very precious and gentle. Likely a comforting, warm feeling after the intensity and need of the earlier Full Moon in Taurus. What are you yearning to study and learn and how can you go about fulfilling that longing?

Ongoing Transits To Watch

  • The Sun is in Scorpio until 11/22. Get your Scorpio season horoscopes here.

  • Mars is Retrograde in Gemini. This is a major moment of the year, and one astrologers have been dreading since they began digging into 2022 transits. Mars will be retrograde in Gemini until mid January, so this is an anger that lingers. Be aware of the tendency to jump to conclusions…and turn that conclusion into action.

  • Jupiter is Retrograde in Pisces. Jupiter will be in Pisces — the sign of transcendence and integration — for much of the rest of year.

  • Saturn is in Aquarius. This planet of time, systems, and boundaries is at home in Aquarius, the air sign of futuristic vision and technological progress. Saturn has been her since March 2020, but will be changing signs in 2023. You can read more about Saturn in Aquarius here.


So there you have it: a short-list of your November 2022 astrology highlights. If you’d like more frequent tarot readings and fun astrology, find me on TikTok as @thenovelmystic.

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