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Scorpio Season Beware: Horoscopes for Intense Life Changes

Scorpio season is always a moment of deep transformation, and this season's horoscopes are no different. As I tune into the energy, I’m getting a lot of oubliette vibes. Which, I know, wtf does that even mean but I’m just calling it like I see it, people!

Scorpio Season 2022 Starts October 23rd at around 4PM PT. It ends at about 12:30AM PT November 22nd.

Basically Scorpio season feels like being at the bottom of a genie bottle. We’re in the process of wish fulfillment, but instead of it being a wish that comes with immediate gratification like in Aladdin, it’s a wish that we’re having to give a part of ourselves to bring to fruition. This wish requires a blood sacrifice. Are you willing to make it? If not, it might not be the right wish. Maybe it’s just a fantasy. The Eclipse in Scorpio on 10/25 will surely help you spot the difference.

But enough with the doom and gloom. There will be bright spots, too. To see what themes might be at the forefront of your Scorpio season, read your mini horoscopes below! And tune into my tarot reading for Venus Cazimi, which presages a lot of Scorpio season vibes on Saturday 10/22. And stay tuned for my November forecast in a week or so.

A Quick Look at Key Placements

  • A LOT OF SCORPIO ENERGY on Eclipse Day

    • Sun

    • Venus

    • Moon

    • South Lunar Node

  • All Opposite Uranus in Taurus which shakes things up. A tension between revelations deep within vs. changing at a material level.

  • Mars will soon stations retrograde in Gemini, which feels like misinformation and malicious gossip as we head into US Midterms

  • Jupiter retrograde will re-enter Pisces for most of the rest of the year, adding an extra layer of a desire to escape and for us all to just get along

  • Both Saturn and Pluto are direct!

  • Mercury will be doing its best to play peacekeeper in Libra in early Scorpio season.

Sign by Sign Horoscopes for Scorpio Season

  • Aries: Your major theme this month is transformation. This may potentially happen via an intimate partnership, or one that comes with a contract (i.e. work or some other business obligation). Keep your ears attuned to any shake-ups related to money and the things you treasure most in life, however. There may be a material change you need to make to your material livelihood. Watch your words and your tone as you negotiate this sticky situation. Your instinct will be to snap back and/or play things close to the vest by keeping your own secret agenda. But what if the other party is doing the same? Find space by looking within, not without.

  • Taurus: Your major theme this month is commitment. Who are you deepening your commitment to this month? What relationships need a boost of intense attention? As you refocus on the people and places that mean something to you, keep an eye out for that way that shift in attention changes you and how you see yourself. You are the sum of the people you surround yourself with and the way you spend your time. Are you spending time with the right people? Be wary of overspending this month, especially when it comes to social outings. You don’t have to be everybody’s personal bank just to be popular.

  • Gemini: Your theme for Scorpio season is daily rituals and they way your habits have the power to transform your life. Your body is a temple. Worship it! Just don’t overdo it. You are also a mind and spirit, and if you don’t treat the whole package of yourself with devotion, your mental health might throw a fit. Negative self-talk may be a risk this month, so tell a friend to alert you to any bad habits of self deprecation or worse. This may be most potent in your career, where the energy shifts up and gets a lot less clear.

  • Cancer: Your theme for this month is expression. You have some deep truths you need to voice, and you know who your audience is going to be. Just don’t be surprised if you voicing your truth shakes up your social circles. It might help to practice whatever soliloquy you’re writing in front of the mirror. Maybe seeing yourself say the words will give you the insight you need to soften the blow? Or just getting them out will be enough to heal whatever wound is being triggered. The answers you need may be in the ancient texts instead of on TikTok.

  • Leo: Your major theme for Scorpio season is the gravitational pull of home and family. You’re feeling called home or toward your ancestral roots in a deep way. Following this calling may shift up the tectonic plates of your career and vocation, changing the trajectory of the way you live out your purpose in this life. But be wary of gossip. It isn’t coming from a place of connection, but a place of rage. Instead of spewing it out to the many, find a trusted few to vent to. Otherwise, you may find some unexpected consequences.

  • Virgo: This month feels like a deep, energetic channeling that comes through you in the form or writing or aural communication. Transformation is the name of the game, but the source of it feels philosophical and rooted in an old faith that you had thought you’d left behind. There is some kind of ancient lesson being lived out in your modern life. Be wary of backstabbing at work. Your words are powerful now, so use them with care. The sharpness of your tongue is always scary. But this season, it’s sharp enough to kill. Turning to love will help you remember the good in others, giving you the ability to deflect a poorly aimed blow.

  • Libra: The theme of your month is values and valuables. There is deep energy boiling to the surface in regards to the “things” of your life and if they are even meaningful to you anymore. Making changes here will be reflected in some shake-ups happening in the intimate areas of your life that directly impact others you’re obligated to. Be wary of weaponizing faith or your exalted education. Intelligence is not meant to be a weapon. When you’ve got excess energy, head to the gym instead of Twitter. Libra troll is not a good look.

  • Scorpio: Hang in there, Scorpio. This is going to be an intense season, even for the sign most able to withstand cyclical transformations and the unearthing of deep truths. You yourself are going through personal reckoning, one being mirrored in your long-term partnerships. Something is changing or being revealed that may trigger intense reactions for unexpected places. Channel all of this frenzy into your creative pursuits. Play may be the answer to you current life purge.

  • Sagittarius: Scorpio season may be a bit of a bumpy ride, Sag. This month is activating your most inner self, the parts of you that never see the light of day and rarely get any attention from you. Something is being revealed and a new habit being formed in response to it. This may cause you to lash out at the people you love most. You may feel like you can be your worst self with the people who’ve know you longest. Instead, scream into a pillow or rage quietly in your safe space. A primal scream may be needed.

  • Capricorn: Your social circle is at the center of your Scorpio season transformation or revelation. You may learn more about your friends and communities that you ever wanted to. The result may be some serious creative inspiration or a need to really let loose and return to your inner kid to shake off any bad vibes out in the world. A mood journal may be a helpful tool this month, since you temper may be shorter than usual. Awareness of your moods may help you reign in any unintentional meanness. And if all else fails, Netflix (or your binge-watching-app of choice) may be your savior.

  • Aquarius: Your career and public calling are in for a big reveal this month! This may be the sign you’ve been waiting for to change up something major on the home front. Perhaps a new job gives you the permission you’ve been denying yourself to sell your house and move somewhere new? Or maybe a promotion means you can finally afford to spruce up your space. Or you’ve been laid off and are experiencing some scarier shakeups at home. It’s unclear, and will be specific to each of you. Channel your anger into poetry. And turn to the things you value most in life if you need an escape.

  • Pisces: This feels like some major spiritual awakening vibes. Like everything is happening all at once and the energy overwhelms you and short circuits your systems and you wake up with a belief in something new and bigger than yourself. You can’t help but voice this, and this new view confounds those close to you. Don’t let other’s shock at your changing faith cause disagreements on the home front, for there is risk of that. Find space through introspection. You know you, but it might be time to give yourself a second look in the mirror of life.


Looking for more Scorpio season transits? Add my free astrology calendar to see what’s happening on key days throughout the year.


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