Meet Ashley. The Novel Mystic. 


Teller of Tales Both Mystical and Mundane

Tarot readings and astrology are tools for everyday life. These modalities help us clarify intentions, learn to ask the right questions, and deepen self understanding.


They help us slow down and reflect in the chaos of our modern lives. Tarot cards and astrology connect us in a tangible way to our intuition, both individual and collective.  


And the output of this is massive! From sharper insights, honed empathy, loving abundance, and creative prowess, tarot has changed my life. 


And it can change yours, too. 


Ashley writes novels for people who know that books are both our wisest teachers and our greatest escapes. 


She writes for the magic seekers, the spell casters, the everyday witches hiding in plain sight. She writes for horoscope lovers and crystal buyers and tarot readers. 


She writes for people who believe in hope and live life with a tenacious sense of optimism. She writes for people who have lived through dark days, weeks, or even years, and who needed the comforting embrace of a fantastical story to get them through that darkness.

Who I Read
& Write For

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My Why

In a life full of change and tumult, stories have always been my solid ground. For over a decade, it has been my dream to be a part of that solid ground for others. 


As a child of divorce and a survivor of intimate partner abuse, I know that the lasting trauma that comes from the people we love most can be the hardest to get over. The boundaries we must learn to draw, the ties we must sever, and the truths we must speak are a constant source of emotional challenge. 


But in the midst of challenge, instability, and abuse, still, we find laughter. Still, we seek magic. Still, we rise. That lightness and humor with a touch of magic creates the shape and texture for all of my stories. 


And it is my hope that I’ll help other women rise up and find their strength, too. Whether it’s the strength to pursue their dreams, leave their abuser, or simply speak their mind.


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