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So I wrote a book...

Me on my research trip to Bermuda

As some of you may know, I finished the first draft of my first novel, Dangerous Dreamers, early this year and have since been hard at work polishing it up. Thanks to the help of family, friends, friends-of-friends, a co-worker, a boss, and my newly formed critique group, my manuscript is shaping up to be quite shiny.

It took me three years, lots of pacing, oodles of research, and five days in Bermuda to get it all done. Not to mention all the failed, semi-relationships that got in the way of me writing The End. But now that it is done, I couldn't be prouder, or more nervous, to begin sharing it with the world.

The first thing people ask me is "So what is it about?" And while I haven't quite nailed my elevator pitch yet, here is how I'm describing it to potential agents.

It’s May in Bermuda. A month of endless blue skies and soft pink sand beneath bare feet. It's a month of dreaming. The month Fiona, Naya, Xander, and Maris will dream their futures into fruition. But when their fates collide with their desires, the four dreamers will be forced to choose between the power of history and the allure of freedom, a decision that could sway the very tide of Bermuda’s destiny.

The four dreamers arrive on Nonsuch Island with one hundred of their classmates to earn their rightful positions within the Triangle. Tested on strength, intelligence, and intuition, they each dream of a brighter future…but dreams can be tricky, unmasking subconscious desires. Maris craves justice, Naya a focus for her empathic intuition, Xander someone to protect, and Fiona…Fiona doesn’t know what she wants, only who: Maris.

They leave Nonsuch Island with their new titles in place, whether they like them or not. But before they even have a chance to settle into their new positions, an Oracle rises: Lana Farrell, Fiona’s younger sister. Lana’s prophecies shed light on the dark corners and hidden deeds of the Triangle, pitting conservative Maris and compassionate Naya against an angry Xander and impassioned Fiona, who's dreams have taken a much darker turn. With the Triangle attempting to silence Lana and a mysterious rebellion rising in Bermuda’s outskirts, they all must choose a side: duty or freedom, power or love. If they choose wrong, they risk destroying their friendships, solidifying the Triangle’s corruption, and eliminating the mystical power of Bermuda’s intuitions forever.

Now that the book is done, or as done as it's going to get without some professional intervention, I've moved on to the querying stage. This means finding literary agents who are looking for books like mine, and sending them emails. Some reply, many do not. It's an exercise in patience and confidence. And hopefully one that will pay off when the time is right.


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