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Choosing Courage With The Chariot, Reversed

The Chariot, Reversed

I don't know about you, but for me this is a week of everything all at once. From work to vacation, writing to data to meetings, the cold to the sun, planes and trains, cats and dogs, this week promises to be quite busy.

Life can get overwhelming sometimes, even if it's only full of good things. Things you've chosen for yourself and are quite unwilling to release.

So this week, I asked the cards what can help us deal with this all-at-once kind of week.

Their response? The Chariot, Reversed.


The Chariot, Reversed

Card Type:

Another major arcana card this week! As a reminder, major arcana cards mean something momentous may occur. But this card is reversed. Meaning that event might be internal instead of external. Or it might mean an obstacle in the path of something amazing, your own resistance to an event, or simply the opposite of what the upright card represents.

Since I often feel like my life is primarily lived in my own head, for me reversed cards mean the event in question is internal in nature. So that's how I've chosen to interpret this card this week.

What You See:

A warrior in a chariot looks straight out of the card. In his right hand is a spear. He wears silver gauntlets and a silver breastplate. His shoulder pieces are shaped like crescent moons. Upon his head rests a crown topped with an eight-pointed star. In fact, stars abound in this card: his chariot is covered in blue cloth patterned with white stars.

The chariot's wheels are gold. The front of the chariot shows a shield topped by blue wings stretching out from a golden sphere. At the chariot's feet are two sphinxes, one black and one white, one male and one female. A duality in every way.

Behind the chariot, in the distance, is a walled city. The warrior in this card has left the safety of the city's walls behind him in favor of something unknown. Maybe even something dangerous.

This is the seventh major arcana card. Sevens are all about choice and wisdom, and sometimes even the quest for perfection.

What You Feel:

This is a card about forward progress. A card for being brave and taking chances. For leaving the safety of what you know behind in favor of something new and exciting and maybe a little dangerous in its newness.

But since the card is upside down, this might mean your adventure is of an internal nature.

It hints at a decision to be made.

Will you choose the safety of what you know or take a risk on an unclear outcome?

What You Say:

I choose to live a courageous life within and without. My dreams are within reach if can continue choosing progress over comfort.


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