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Aquarius Season 2020

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

honest • objective • logical • rebellious • futurist • communal • awareness • detached • able to see the whole picture for what it really is


Here's what to be looking out for this Aquarius season, which is January 20, 2020 until February 18, 2020. This overview is my interpretation of what I learned from Renee Sills and her Embodied Astrology podcast, which I highly recommend.

Overall Themes

Aquarius is an Air sign, which means it's all about thought. But it's also a Fixed sign, which means it can be a bit stubborn. Put together, Aquarius season ushers us into a time when we examine where our thoughts are stuck -- as individuals and as a global community -- and how we can grow through the process of "unsticking" those thoughts. Aquarius rules the internet and networks in general, which we use to spread the word and to generate the power needed to create or change laws and rules and the status quo. Aquarius in the body is represented by the nervous system, the part of our body that reacts instinctively to stimuli. How are we reacting to our world through both our bodies and our communities?

Aquarius is ruled by both Uranus (rebellion, an "aha" moment realized through pressure) and by Saturn (determination and consistency). This season finds us in rapidly changing circumstances, but also with the tenacity we'll need to affect real change.

Astrological Influences

  1. Capricorn Rising: At the moment we moved into Aquarius season, Capricorn was rising over the horizon, making it the ascendant of Aquarius's own "Birth chart" this year. Capricorn is packed full of planets right now, giving is massive influence out of our 2020 already. With it rising over Aquarius, it's putting a clear focus on our communal systems, which we're realizing are failing us.

  2. Jupiter near ascendant: Basically this means that the planet Jupiter was near the Capricorn constellation at the moment we moved into Aquarius season. That brings with it benefic and generous energy that prepares us for a moment of awakening as our systems crumble around us.

  3. Saturn and Pluto are still conjunct: Though no longer a perfect conjunction (planets meeting at the same spot on the zodiacal chart), it's shadow is still being felt. This conjunction is symbolic of warms forming, of military energy, of climate chaos. It's telling us that there is no time to waste.

  4. Venus and Neptune are moving into conjunction in Pisces: Venus is all about love and relationships, while Neptune is about loss and grief and what happens beneath the surface. So this season brings with it a feeling of loss that has the potential to bring a new awareness of love. Sometimes we realize what we have when we lose it. Or in something ending, we know what we need to begin again.

  5. Sun and Mercury in Aquarius: The sun is your identity in the world, and Mercury represents how you communicate and think. With both of those in logical, visionary, and community-oriented Aquarius, there will be a lot of people talking and aware about the changes we need to make in the world. And with these planets square Uranus (that rebellious planet), we're recognizing the need to wake up and make changes ourselves.



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