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Cancer Season 2020

The Sun moved into the Water sign of Cancer on June 21, 2020, and hopefully this sign's natural nurturing vibes bring some healing for us all! The Crab is known for being deeply sensitive, family-oriented, and rooted into life and what matters in life. But like the Crab's protective shell and grasping claws, Cancers are protective of their home and their family. Back one into a corner and you better watch out.

When I picture Cancer, I see two things: a large black crab with a blue-black carapace lurking in the shadows of my soul, keeping watch over what and who I care about, ready to attack should I feel provoked. But I also picture the tarot card The Empress, the embodiment of feminine healing and fertility. This mix of mystery and focus, protectiveness and sensitivity.

Cancer is also directly opposite of Capricorn, the sign of strength through pressure, of structures and responsibilities, of ambition. And where SO MANY major planets have sat or passed through this year. So there's a serious duality present during these Cancer days that we may feel ourselves swimming between. Expect to feel pulled between home and the outside world this cycle.

But also pulled inward, too, thanks to the five planets that will be retrograde for most of Cancer season: Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto. This causes us to look within, to reevaluate, to relearn so many different aspects of our lives.

Cancer season of brings something a little different for every sign. Here's what you can expect to be focused on most consciously over the next month. I'd recommend reading both your rising and your sun sign to get the most depth out of this short article! Your sun sign represents your identity and how you see yourself, while your rising sign represents the persona you're projecting and where your life is headed.

  • Aries: Your attention shifts to finding comfort in your home and family. But with the tensions of Mercury retrograde in this same sign, and the added pandemic-related factor of spending so much time with family and in the home this year, this Cancer season may feel more of a struggle than it normally would. Things may feel especially tough if you already have some family tensions, estrangements, or unhealthy dynamics. But, nurturer that Cancer is, this can be a time for healing those tensions, feathering your nest, or bringing more compassion into your home and family life. You've spent a lot of this year taking a hard look at your inner world and the wounds that need healing there, as well as your reputation in the external world and where you want to be and what you want to do long-term. So this month of family, foundations, and roots may be a needed chance to think about something else for a change.

  • Taurus: Your focus shifts to bringing more emotional intelligence and empathy to the way you communicate with others. And since you've had a big focus on community and friendship this year, your communication skills could probably use a bit of a brush-up anyways. Bulls tend to be grounded and straightforward, so this could be a nice challenge for you, especially in a tense time around the world. But with Mercury in retrograde in the same house as your Sun, your intentions may be misconstrued or misinterpreted. Just approach everybody with kindness and patience, and hope for the same in return. Take any missteps as a learning opportunity, and not as a personal failing. You need to be kind to yourself, too.

  • Gemini: As your finances feel pressure, your attention shifts toward nurturing them as the Sun moves into your 2nd house alongside a retrograde Mercury. To counteract the tensions or stressors on your bank account or maybe your self-esteem, focus on what you can control: the way you treat and nurture yourself. Just like you would others, show empathy to yourself this Cancer season. Recognize you're doing the best you can with the resources you have. And, since many of those resources are shared, the need for compassion and understanding will be a key way you'll weather any storms this summer brings with it.

  • Cancer: Your annual solar return carries with it a more introspective air with Mercury also in retrograde during your birthday month. You'll be reflecting on your identity, your approach to life, the way your ego lives in and is impacted by the world, and what you can do to find more healing and a sense of "home" wherever you go. This is a "me" month in an otherwise "we" kind of year, too. So take this opportunity to think about who you are as an individual, whole human. Not as a girlfriend, wife, daughter, business partner, mother, etc. How would you describe yourself if you couldn't define yourself in relation to somebody else?

  • Leo: The sun moves into your 12th house alongside Mercury in retrograde, giving you a boost of inner peace and the desire to heal emotionally and spiritually this Cancer season. This has been a tough year for the world, so this month may feel like a personal sigh of relief. You might be taking some time to heal old or new wounds, take a hard look at some hidden beliefs that need reframing, or closing the door on old ideas about yourself or others. This deep introspection will be further empowered by the routines you've been setting into place all year. Because your life is gaining more flow, your mind can explore!

  • Virgo: As the sun moves into Cancer and your 11th house of community, you're ready to lean into the natural nurturing energy this month brings with it. People will look to you as a caregiver or supportive leader during this time. You may be helping others to level up, feel more confident, and act as a home base in times of crisis. Just make sure that Mercury retrograde business doesn't cloud your message too much. You may want to take extra care with how you're communicating externally, or try and channel any extra feelings this month brings with it into your writing or creative projects instead of into your professional life.

  • Libra: As the sun and your focus shifts into your career sector, this brings with it a feeling of nurturing compassion that will help ease any tensions that Mercury in retrograde brings with it. While you may not be blazing forward and making big moves, you at least won't be burning any bridges. Don't be too hard on yourself with Cancer in the house. Things being a bit quiet on the work front might give you some time to take a look at your home life, which you've been reevaluating and revising this past year. Look for the balance between work and home this month! Do the scales tip too far in one direction?

  • Scorpio: Your focus shifts toward the ways learning, education and spirituality connect you to your emotions and nurture your growth as a human. This may feel like a beautiful meeting of mind and heart, with some added depth or gravity thanks to Mercury being in retrograde in the same house. This combination of thought and feeling may result in you being more open, communicative, and even vulnerable this Cancer season. You've spent most of 2020 working on your communication style, so this could just be another lesson in translating your inner depths and intensity into something the rest of the world can actually penetrate and understand. Even if just a little bit.

  • Sagittarius: As the sun moves into the nurturing, empathetic house of Cancer, this imbues your own focus and energy with that same healing light! Use this to soothe any places in your life in which partnership or intimacy feel particularly tense. Maybe some conflict was needed to bring about some needed resolutions and compromises. And as you deal with others and heal with others, you may also find yourself noticing your own self-esteem and values re-aligning as a result.

  • Capricorn: The sun moving into Cancer shifts your focus more fully onto your longterm partnerships, but brings with it a healing and nurturing energy that may help balance out the harshness that Mercury in retrograde has awoken. This will be a time of family and love, even if the days feel dark and hard. And as you sink into your family and foundations, you'll have some space and peace to continue transforming yourself, too, as you have been working to do all year long.

  • Aquarius: The sun shines its light in the healing, nurturing sign of Cancer, focusing your attention on nurturing yourself mind, body, and soul this month. You may be taking a gentler approach to exercise, giving your emotions and dreams some space within your schedule, or shifting your diet to be one the nourishes you instead of just fills you up. And as you more consciously focus on your body and your daily life, notice what thoughts and feelings and traumas resurface naturally as you do so. Sometimes in routine our mind is freed to think the thoughts it needs to, as opposed to the thoughts we try so hard to control.

  • Pisces: The sun energizes your 5th house of creativity, love, and self-expression just when it needs it most! Despite Mercury mucking things up, you may find yourself feeling more creative, playful, or romantic this month. Just remember this is a better time to revise, retry, or reunite as opposed to starting something new, with pesky mercury in retrograde. And if you're having trouble getting creative on your own, lean into your community or friends to help lift you and and push you onward. You don't have to do it alone, little Fish.



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