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Gemini Season 2020

The Sun moved into the Air sign of Gemini on May 20, 2020, bringing with it a collective focus on eccentricity, collaboration, and intellectual stimulation that may have us fascinated in the intricacies of the perfect sourdough recipe one day and delving into some Russian poetry the next. Geminis are the kind of people you can never quite put your finger on. They're interesting and smart and super weird, and maybe a little bit all over the place, too. So expect that kinda vibe!

But this Gemini season has multiple retrogrades, bringing with it a very strong, very internal focus. And there is also a full moon lunar eclipse, marking a massive completion for ourselves and/or the collective. This season may feel both profoundly strange and emotionally draining. Take care of yourselves, but also embrace your weird. Don’t be so worried about what others think of you this season. Be more concerned with how you think of yourself, and how healthy your own internal perception is.

Gemini season of brings something a little different for every sign. Here's what you can expect to be focused on most consciously over the next month. I'd recommend reading both your rising and your sun sign to get the most depth out of this short article! Your sun sign represents your identity and how you see yourself, while your rising sign represents the persona you're projecting and where your life is headed.

  • Aries: A sense of curiosity and collaboration spurs you forward as the sun shifts into versatile Gemini. Let yourself follow your mental whims wherever they lead, Aries! Perhaps you're weighing the pros and cons of a summer move, looking into some higher education options, or researching a new (expensive) writing software. It doesn't hurt to explore! In fact, it might even be fun and fulfilling just doing the research. Plus, following those whims may both inspire a new idea and reconnect you to somebody near and dear to your heart.

  • Taurus: Gemini season will be an abundant month for you personally if you lean into collaboration and let yourself wear many hats, Taurus. You may be taking on a new role, filling in for somebody on leave, or picking up a new skill on the fly to help your business pivot in a new direction. This is a massive opportunity for you, so don't see it as a burden. There is no one way to be successful, so get experimental and work well with others to reap the rewards!

  • Gemini: Happy birthday, twins! With so many planets in retrograde, it might feel like the sun is having to shine through a bunch of storm clouds to actually reach you. This means your birthday may be more reflective than active. But that's just 2020, am I right? While it's been a tough year for the world, this has also been a an opportunity to examine yourself closely. In what ways have you stepped more fully into yourself? And how can you continue to do so as you move into a new year for you?

  • Cancer: This Gemini season, the sun is shining a light on your hidden world, giving you the opportunity to reflect on what you've accomplished in the past year. Where did you experiment, collaborate, or just let loose? What do you hope that will open up for you as you approach your birthday? Dive into your social media or photo history and see what memories stand out, both the good and the bad. What do you hope to have more of this year? And how can you bring that more fully into your life?

  • Leo: The sun is shining a light on the role you play within your community, encouraging you to collaborate and experiment with curiosity this Gemini season. You may be drawn into a new community full of people willing to try new things in the spirit of the collective good. You may rejoin your bookclub, or start your own. You may realize that friendship is more important to you than romance. Whatever the case, this is not the month to go it alone, Leo. Find your pride!

  • Virgo: Gemini season might feel like a conflicted time for you, with both the Sun and a Retrograde Venus traversing your 10th house of career and long-term goals. This means your identity and the way you behave in relationships are at a cross-roads and sharing the same space. You may need to collaborate but struggle to, and be seen as controlling instead of supportive. Or what you need for yourself is at odds with what others need from you. Use this Gemini energy to communicate your intentions clearly to help soothe any hurt feelings along the way. And just be kind. Sometimes that's all it takes.

  • Libra: With the lockdown and all, you likely had to divert your love of fun, relationship-oriented experiences into something more independent or subdued. But this Gemini season helps you see that this was actually an opportunity. It gave you the space to pursue the things that spark your own curiosity. This might feel weird and create some tension between you and others in your life. But you're allowed to have boundaries, Libra! Express your needs honestly and find small ways to still be there, even when you're craving solitude.

  • Scorpio: This Gemini season, your consciousness turns toward creating a more collaborative energy as you seek to transform the way you share resources with others. Approach shared projects, goals, money, or intimacy with trust and be rewarded for your vulnerability. Things might get kinky, Scorpio! Work might get weird. Projects may have too many cooks in the kitchen. Just remember you're all in it together!

  • Sagittarius: Even as you experience some disharmony in your longterm relationship (thanks to Venus retrograde in Gemini), that person(s) may also grow abundantly important as the sun moves into your 7th house of marriage and partnership. Perhaps the warmth of Gemini season will help ease some new tensions in your most important of relationships, or help you grow through the roadblocks and potholes you're experiencing in your quest to find love. Communication is key here!

  • Capricorn: As you question your very essence with Jupiter in retrograde, the sun in Gemini shines a light on your daily work and wellness. Think of this as a balancing act, Cap. On the one hand, big questions are hanging over you. On the other, daily schedules and routines and your health still need your focus. Playing with your routines during Gemini season may help you recognize the behaviors or habits that no longer support you. Have fun with the things most people find hard or boring.

  • Aquarius: Your consciousness shifts into a period of vibrant self-expression and creativity when the sun moves into Gemini. As Jupiter asks you to explore the ways you've changed spiritually and emotionally and Venus pulls your attention inwards as well, this will likely be a prolific month for you. Even if what you feel, write, or create is never seen by anybody else but you. Get it out, Aquarius! It takes a lot of dirt to help a tree grow! (Don't check my science).

  • Pisces: Even as tensions at home flare up, you find the strength to communicate more openly and freely with home and with your family this Gemini season. Perhaps you just need to step out of yourself and into a more flexible persona to be better able to see all sides of the story, instead of just your own. This month asks you to examine who you are as an individual family member and how you behave within your family collective. What does and doesn't align? And why might that be?



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