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Leo Season 2020

The Sun leaped into the Fire sign of Leo on July 22, 2020. Leo is the regal ruler of the zodiac. The diva. The loud mouth. The speaker of truth. This sign has a natural energy that they don't even have to reach for, it just burns within them. And that energy is something I think we can all benefit from. That deep well of passion that can propel us forward with more ease and less strain. More confidence and less worry.

But this Leo season brings with it a sense of balance that one might not expect. There's still a lot of planetary action happening in Capricorn and Cancer (the external world and our foundational world), as well as some Aquarian energy that will help balance out the willfulness of Leo with a more community-minded energy and intention. Not to mention a Uranus retrograde that starts in mid-August, which could usher in a major shake-up to our daily lives and the things we value.

But Leo season brings something a little different for every sign. Here's what you can expect to be focused on most consciously over the next month. I'd recommend reading both your rising and your sun sign to get the most depth out of this short article! Your sun sign represents your identity and how you see yourself, while your rising sign represents the persona you're projecting and where your life is headed.

  • Aries: The sun, a representation of your ego and identity, shifts into your fifth house of romance and pleasure, creativity and self-expression. Add a dose of Leo drama and you'll be feeling amazingly passionate, vivid and bold this month! Leo is the fifth house of the zodiac and is ruled by the sun, imbuing you with a double dose of Leonine energy. Don't be afraid of indulging in this fiery energy to spark your passions, wherever they lead. Your will is your own! And in early August when Mercury also enters Leo, your romantic and creative life will get another big assist. You may feel a certain ease in sharing of yourself during this transit, as if the words flow naturally and beautifully. You might paint a masterpiece, draft up a novel, find a romantic partner, or more willingly put yourself out there when it comes to love. See what comes of mixing reason and passion in August.

  • Taurus: The sun shines its light on your fourth house of home and foundations as it moves into dramatic and bold Leo. You may see yourself taking the lead and standing out or up within your pride over the next cycle. See how it feels to embrace your willpower, speak your mind, and be fully yourself in the place you call home or with the people you call family. And as Mercury joins the sun in Leo in early August, your family and home life may also get a dose of heartfelt words. You may find it easier to express yourself with your family or those you call family. And, as always when it comes to family, this could bring with it a mixed bag of responses. Some may appreciate your openness and willingness to engage in lively debate. Others may be more easily offended. But whatever the case, this is an important moment to get something off your chest. Don't waste it!

  • Gemini: As the sun enters your third house of communications, you may find that this particularly leonine energy brings you into closer contact with your siblings (or those that feel like siblings) and your neighbors. You may find yourself expressing yourself more clearly and boldly within these relationships, or just in general than you have in a long while. Use your natural Air energy to fan your inner Fire and truly shine during this transit. Plus, when Mercury joins the sun in Leo, you may find that you have more words and ideas than you know how to deal with! If you're a lover or reading, writing, or a major talker, this transit will feel super freeing for you. While you're normally driven by your mind and rooted in your intelligence, Leo helps you connect that intelligence to your passions, adding an extra dose and motivation to share what you're thinking with the larger world.

  • Cancer: The Sun leaps into Leo and your second house of values and finances, shifting your attention to money and your relationship to it. Leos are all willpower and fire, which may feel particularly challenging to embrace given your more sensitive and watery nature. But Leos are all heart, so lean into that aspect of this transit and direct your passions towards the things that most align with your values. Perhaps that means literally supporting a passion project financially, or tapping into some Leo pride and boosting your own sense of self-worth. Don't shy away from being bold. When Mercury joins the sun in Leo, your sense of self-worth and your values may even feel more invigorated and ambitious. Look for an opportunity that aligns your passions with your financial goals, or even turn a hobby into a profitable endeavor during this transit. Pay attention to the way your mind and heart find connection this month. It may boost your self-esteem, and your bank account, too.

  • Leo: The sun moves into your first house, marking another turn around the sun for you, Leo! You'll be feeling more boldly and confidently you on the outside, even as this month's heavy dose of healing and restructuring energy changes you from within. Recognize how much you've changed over the past year! And as Mercury joins the sun in your sign, you may find that your ideas and intelligence are in the spotlight. Perhaps you're being recognized for the creative being you are, being asked to lead a communication project, or consciously finding ways to connect your identity to your intelligence. Instead of just trusting your gut, you may be finding extra guidance from your mind.

  • Virgo: The sun enters Leo and your 12th house of healing and solitude. Your focus shifts inward, despite Leo's expressive vibes. Perhaps you're using the fire of Leo season to cauterize an inner wound and the light of the sun to take a hard look at some limiting beliefs. Or maybe you're feeling the need to be more open and transparent about your passions as the sun creeps closer to your own sign, and your upcoming birthday. And when Mercury joins the mix in Leo in early August, notice the way you talk to yourself. Leo is here to help you see the impact of your words on your mind. Don't be afraid to see what this heart + mind combo uncover within you this August.

  • Libra: As the sun enters Leo and brings with it a dose of fiery energy, this transit may imbue your life and friendship with some passionate expression and an ease of being bold and bright within your larger community. Show off your passions, act with your heart. And when Mercury joins the sun in Leo in early August, your community will get to see a bolder, more emotional you. You may be more willful with your words and ideas, and less diplomatic than you typically are. More willing to interrupt, to ignore other's interruptions. More willing to lead through your intelligence instead of just seeking to keep the peace. This could be a huge time for you socially, and change the pecking order within your pride as a result of what you choose to say and share.

  • Scorpio: The sun enters Leo, shifting your consciousness more directly toward your career and long-term goals. You may be stepping up at work into a more visible leadership position, speaking boldly about your experiences, or expressing yourself with more ease and even flair. Take a chance. See how wearing your heart more clearly on your sleeve impacts your reputation during this likely dramatic time. After all, what is the point of that heavy focus on education if you're not in turn sharing what you've learned to benefit others? And as the planet of intellect and reason joins the sun in Leo, you're feeling bolder and more expressive at work and when it comes to boosting your status. You may feel more energized to communicate and share of yourself than you typically do, or be channeling your intensity into the way you communicate at work this August.

  • Sagittarius: As the sun enters Leo and your 9th house of education and culture, you'll be getting pumped about the things you're filling your mind with. You may be digging deep into a passion project, taking a class on something you're fascinated by, or embracing your more spiritual nature more openly. Leo always brings with it a bit of flair and drama, so don't be surprised if some of your opinions are a bit controversial. Sometimes learning and growth come from unexpected places and chance encounters. Plus, when Mercury joins the sun in Leo in early August, your 9th house of wisdom and religion gets may feel even more heightened. Perhaps you're delving into a new subject, exploring your faith and spirituality from a new lens, or aligning your passionate nature with your intellectual goals. Study your passions this August.

  • Capricorn: As the sun enters bold Leo and your eighth house of intimacy and shared resources, you're taking the chance to more fully express yourself. Your opinions, feelings, and ideas will be on all caps this month as you soak up that Leo sun. Already an expert at moving through pressure, this month sees your willpower existing at new heights! This may feel like a much needed blast of action in the midst of all that introspection you've been undergoing over the past few months. Plus, as Mercury joins the sun in Leo for much of August, you may find it easier (or more necessary) than normal to share your thoughts and feelings with your intimate partners or within the places you share space and resources with others. Perhaps you're more willing to take a stand, share a less popular but well-thought out opinion, or willingly show how much you care about something. This melding of fire and air could either heat things up or sputter them out altogether. Toe the line carefully.

  • Aquarius: As the sun enters its home sign of Leo, your longterm relationships get a blaze of passion from this dramatic lion. You may feel inspired to reach out to a lover, express your ambitions, or find ways to merge your partnerships into your most creative ideas. Your willpower and dreams will be driving you this month. See where they take you, and with whom. And when Mercury joins the sun in Leo for much of August, your longterm relationships take up even more space in your typically logic-driven mind. You may have your sights set on a specific person, and need to put your heart on your sleeve a little more obviously. Or you may be deciding to re-enter the dating pool, and put yourself out there more boldly than you have in the past.

  • Pisces: As the Sun enters his home sign of fiery Leo, he brings with him a boost of passion into the more mundane aspects of your life. Leo has you energized to get healthier and to revitalize a flagging routine. And when Mercury joins the sun in Leo for much of August, your daily routines will find a nice balance between logic and whim. Instead of just following a regimented, pre-planned list, let yourself explore and identify the way different tasks of yours fill you up and invigorate both your mind and your heart. This could be a super prolific and productive time for you, or you may find that you're being called to rest and work on some internal health and wellness matters instead. Don't be afraid to see what comes up, and where your attentions shift.



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