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Mercury Retrograde in Cancer - June 2020

Mercury Retrograde: June 18th - July 12th

Mercury retrograde. One of the few astrological principles the average astrology enthusiast or man on the street may have heard of. And curse vehemently.

This fast moving planet changes signs about every month, and goes retrograde two or three times a year. Basically, retrograde is just a term that describes the direction the planet appears to be moving in the sky. The length of their orbit vs. the length of our orbit are different, so sometimes we see an optical illusion in which Mercury's orbit switches direction. But really it's just getting farther away from us. Because science? Read deeper if you dare here.

While Mercury Retrograde typically has us fearing miscommunications, lost files, or dead devices, more and more astrologers are saying, "not so fast!" Because is it so bad to revisit a person, place, or project every now and then?

As the word seems to burn around us, does it not seem needed for us to take a look back at the damage we have wrought? So many of us right now are trying to relearn our history, rethink the legacies we want to leave, and restructure our own internal conditioning.

If you ask me, there's no time like now for a little astrological boost on this front, too.

So what may be taking shape for you this Mercury Retrograde? Read both your sun and rising sign to get a glimpse of what's in store, plus one piece of media to help re-explore and old idea or topic.


As the planet of communication goes retrograde in your house of home and family, you may encounter some tough conversations with parents or others you share your home with. Things may feel more emotionally charged thanks to Cancer's watery light, leading you to delve inward and retreat into your own hurt feelings when things get tough. Awareness of this behavior is your first step toward overcoming it. Examine what you're finding triggering in Cancer's healing light, and see what you may need to let go of, surrender to, or heal if you want your conversations to be more productive and less reactive.


As the planet of communication goes retrograde in your third house of communication, be prepared for miscommunications to abound. Emails may go awry, your texts may be misinterpreted, or your joking tone come off as condescending. Tap into some Cancerian gentleness to help ease your way through a volatile few weeks. This may manifest as a more typical retrograde experience than some of the others signs will be dealing with!


As the planet of communications goes retrograde in your second house of finances and self-worth, you may have some money or self-esteem issues over the next few weeks. Alternatively, you could be asked to take actions when it comes to your finances that don't align with your personal or moral values. Be extra vigilant this month. You may need to take a hard look at the way finances are directly related to your own sense of self-worth.


As Mercury goes retrograde in your first house, you may notice yourself thinking differently about yourself than you normally would. This is a great time to sink into that introspective feeling and use it as an opportunity to nurture yourself and your emotions. It's okay to take a step back from the public light and into a more personal, healing zone. See what this retrograde helps you uncover about yourself.


As the planet of the mind goes retrograde in your twelfth house of the subconscious and closure, you'll be extremely focused on the inner workings of your mind and the way it impacts and is impacted by your emotions. This might manifest in a period of thinking more and acting or talking less as you let yourself retreat inward for some much needed examination and solitude.

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The planet of communication and reason goes retrograde in your eleventh house of community and friendship. Miscommunications may abound! Always careful Virgo may become too careful, and let things left unsaid fester internally during this time. Remember: silence makes you complicit. Give yourself over to Cancer's healing energy and let the empathetic nature of the season help ease you through a tense time on the friend front. You can speak up without attacking. And you can listen without feeling attacked.


The planet of communication goes retrograde through your tenth house of career, reputation, and long-term goals. You might struggle to get your point across at work, feel more confused about a project or asks than normal, or need more time to solve challenging problems. You might feel like you can't keep up, are having to re-do old work, or that your reputation or influence have taken a hit. Be kind to yourself. You're doing the best you can.


As the planet of intelligence shifts direction in your house of wisdom and learning, you may find that you're slower to learn than normal, or that you're being asked to return to some lessons from your past and learn them in a new light. This might feel frustrating, but could also be a second chance. Don't waste it!


As Mercury shifts directions in your eighth house, some compassionate conversations you were having in your most intimate and reciprocal relationships may take a turn for the worse. Communication may get harder, more tense, or you may find yourselves rehashing the same old fight over and over again. Lean into Cancer's nurturing energy as a balm during these potentially intense weeks.


You may find it harder to have tough conversations within your longterm partnerships, romantic or otherwise. Perhaps instead of finding comfort within those relationships, you find obligation or even a heavy weight upon your shoulders. Sometimes it feels good to nurture and care for others, but sometimes the weight of those expectations can feel like too much. This retrograde may bring that shadow with it.


As the planet of communication moves backward through your house of routine and health, you may find it harder to stick to any kind of schedule or fitness regimen. Recognize that sometimes, in letting go of structure, we open ourselves up to a new kind of healing and freedom. See what it means to live a little more loosely during this retrograde.


Your attempts at self-expression may come off as confusing or even offensive as the planet of communication retrogrades through your fifth house of creativity, romance, and pleasure. You may also find yourself revisiting old creative endeavors, running into a past lover, or reverting to a more childish version of yourself on occasion. Let Cancer's compassionate energy keep you steady despite this revisionist period of time.



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