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New Moon in Taurus

Taurus season is underway, and hopefully, you're feeling the grounded, stable vibes the Bull brings with it. If you're not there yet and still sweating through the tumult that was Aries season, April 23rd's New Moon represents an opportunity to commit yourself more fully to the Taurus mood.

In astrology, New Moons represents a time to focus on what we want to bring into our life. The cup is empty. With what do you want to fill it? Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, it's still nice to have a monthly check-in with yourself and what you want. Are you spending your time working toward your dreams?

If you're struggling to articulate what it is you want or need to work through (either over the next month -- or the next New Moon -- or the next year, the next Taurus New Moon) here's what the stars have to say for your sun or rising sign.

Plus, a mantra for each based on a tarot card draw. Get the most out of your mantra by repeating it to yourself nine times a day from now until the next Full Moon on May 7th! See what comes of this mindful repetition.


The High Priestess

This Taurus New Moon rises in your 2nd house of finances and values. Today marks an opportunity to commit yourself to rebuild the ways you relate to money and how it impacts your self-worth. Does your status define you? Do you measure success by the size of your bank account or salary? Use this Taurean energy to stay grounded as you begin a potentially emotional chapter in your life. Re-aligning with your core values is never easy, but always worth it.

Your Tarot Mantra: I nurture my dreams of abundance by tapping into my inner power.


The Lovers

As the New Moon Rises in your sign, so marks a new era in your life. What new chapter do you want to begin today? How do you want to change the ways you express yourself and exist within your world to more deeply root yourself and find stability? Think about any new personas, identities, looks, or even life paths you may be embracing in the short-term or long-term future. Take that first step.

Your Tarot Mantra: I embrace love and joy within myself and for the world.


Six of Wands

Today marks the beginning of a new era for your inner world as this New Moon rises in your 12th house of the subconscious, dreams, closure, and limiting beliefs. The next month or year sees you creating a more stable, grounded way to deal with your shadow self. What within you do you reject? Examine that side of yourself. Get to know it. And be gentle with yourself when dipping into your shadows uncovers tough memories, emotions, or old wounds.

Your Tarot Mantra: From the shadows my new self rises, stronger and brighter than before.


Mother of Wands

This New Moon marks the beginning of a journey to bring stability and security into your communities and social circles. You want to build a group of people who support you, and whom you in turn support. What kinds of people will help you get there? What can you bring to the table to help them? Find security through fulfilling mutual or synergistic needs, and lift each other up along the way.

Your Tarot Mantra: I don't need to protect my dreams alone.


The Moon

As the New Moon rises in your 10th house of career and long-term goals, commit yourself to bring more stability and security into that sphere of your life. Are you burning through life at full force? Do you run out of fuel before the end of the day? Are you wasting energy doing things that don't add value to your life? Today is a chance to reevaluate the way you spend your time and make sure those goals create security -- financial, emotional, or otherwise -- in your life.

Your Tarot Mantra: As I root down into the quiet spaces of my life, I find the fuel to grow.


The Devil

The New Moon ushers in a new era or chapter of your educational and spiritual commitments. What do your intellectual pursuits bring to your life? What do they ground you in? Knowledge? Spirituality? Faith? Are they a distraction? Are you spending time researching and learning to avoid action? Today is an opportunity to re-align and re-commit to the things you seek to learn and what that knowledge helps you accomplish.

Your Tarot Mantra: With knowledge and faith, I free myself from the chains that bind me.


Mother of Pentacles

Today marks the beginning of a new project to determine how the things you share with others can bring you more security and help you enjoy the simple things in life. This New Moon asks you to examine the ways you ground yourself in intimacy. Does sharing a goal, a house, a bank account, your body fill you up? Does intimacy help you feel more secure? What does intimacy even mean to you? Use this as a chance to root yourself in the space your life overlaps with others.

Your Tarot Mantra: I can lean into others to nurture our shared abundance.


Four of Pentacles

The New Moon rises in your 7th House of committed partnerships -- both romantic and professional. This brings with it the chance to create security through those bonds. Do your relationships strengthen you? Do they give you joy and pleasure? Or do they hold back? Examine those important partnerships against this Taurean New Moon and decide how you can use the next month or year to create ties that fill you up in new, healthier ways.

Your Tarot Mantra: The ties that bind us must connect, not control.


Ace of Swords

Your 6th House of daily work, ritual, and wellness is under examination with this New Moon. Think of it as a chance to create habits that generate a sense of supportive security. Does your routine ease overwhelm or add to it? Does exercise feel like a chore instead of an energizing chance to ground yourself in the present? Take a step back. Change what doesn't work. And commit yourself to healthy, day-to-day goals you can actually accomplish and feel good about doing.

Your Tarot Mantra: Centering my mind through healthy routines unlocks infinite inspiration.


The World

Today marks the beginning of a new era aimed at finding joy in simple things. A dose of playfulness and creativity will help balance out the obligations you have in other parts of your life. How can you nurture happiness in your day-to-day? How can you embrace pleasure in the midst of chaos? How can you root yourself in creativity and joy more deeply? Let this New Moon help you start to answer some of life's most important questions.

Your Tarot Mantra: My destiny is suffused with joy, harmony, and wholeness.


Father of Swords

This New Moon in your 4th House of home and foundations brings with it a new era or chapter of re-aligning with what "home" means and how it does -- or does not -- provide security and pleasure. How do you define home? Is it a place? A person? A feeling? Does that feel good? Bad? Unresolved? Nebulous? Commit yourself to finding a "home" that feels secure or rooting yourself more deeply in one that does.

Your Tarot Mantra: My mind holds the key to my home, and in finding home, I perceive the truth of myself.


Three of Cups

This New Moon asks you to develop your communication skills. Through this, you may grow into a behind-the-scenes leader who supports a high-performance team. How does the way you convey your thoughts help you get things done? Do you struggle to ground your ideas in reality or connect thoughts to practicalities? Use this new era as a chance to sharpen those skills or connect with the people around you who can take your thoughts and execute upon them.

Your Tarot Mantra: May my bountiful ideas get activated through harmonious partnership.

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