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Pisces Season 2020

We’re now about a week into Pisces season. And let me tell you. I am feeling it. What is it I’m feeling you ask? How about a seesaw between feeling intensely inspired and confident in my creative dreams on one hand, and then feeling restless and directionless on the other.

So let’s examine this further. Thanks again to Renee Sills and her always insightful teaching. You can check out her podcast, Embodied Astrology, on your favorite podcast app to dig in deeper for yourself. You never know what might come up as you listen!

Welcome to The Dream of Pisces Season

Pisces season lasts from February 18th until March 19th, and is the last season of the zodiacal calendar. As the end of the astrological year, Pisces represents a culmination of all the signs before it. It’s a recognition of the world’s oneness. Which is tough to hear when the world feels so incredibly divided, I know. But it’s that need to control, to label, to separate, that is the very antithesis of what Pisces stands for. This most watery and intuitive of signs asks us to surrender. To let go. To see how little agency we really have, and to embrace the liberation of what that means for us as individuals. It asks us to go with the flow. To admit that we don’t know everything and can’t really control anything.

I can hear you arguing with me now. But that’s just you trying to control something. To give meaning to a meaningless world.

Trust me, I get it. As I struggle with this seemingly constant anxiety that I don’t have enough time. That there is too much to do. That all of the routines and structures I’ve built for myself are at once failing and too needed to fail.

Are emotions like this coming up for you, too? Pisces is an empathetic time. A time when we’re more susceptible to the vibes being put out into the world. A time when you might feel like an emotional sponge. A time where we're frantically trying to wring out anxiety and fear and angst, and in doing so we just invite a new flood of it all in.

So how can you NOT invite this more shadowy side of Pisces in?

Let go. Surrender. Be guided by your intuition instead of your mind. Recognize that outcomes are often outside of your control.  So open up. Find faith in something. Whether its a higher power or your own innate compassion or creativity or ability to adapt.

On Some Piscean Astrology

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, and Neptune is currently in Pisces and has been since 2011. And will be until 2026.

What were you doing 9 years ago? What started or ended for you in 2011 that has been playing out since? For me, I finished grad school. I left the structure, rigor, and clarity of purpose that school brought me behind and have been struggling to create that same thing for myself since. I’ve spun out of control. I’ve enforced schedules diligently. I’ve tried a plethora of planners. I’ve tried a bevy of apps.

And still, here I am, realizing that maybe all this structure is just a distraction. Something to do instead of actually doing anything. Good thing we’ve got another 6 years of this transit.

What to do when you don’t know what to do but feel like you should know what to do

If all else fails, just put good vibes out there. Because everybody around you is susceptible to whatever energy you are leaking right now. And vice versa.

Use this season to dig deep, but level up, too.



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