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Taurus Season 2020

The Sun moves into Taurus on April 19, 2020, bringing with it a get-it-done focus and groundedness to help bring us back to our roots after a tumultuous Aries season. Taurus is the sign that brings home the bacon, that worker who comes home and just wants a nice dinner and a good dessert and is that too much to ask?

But Taurus season brings something a little different for every sign. Here's what you can expect to be focused on most consciously over the next month. I'd recommend reading both your rising and your sun sign to get the most depth out of this short article! Your sun sign represents your identity and how you see yourself, while your rising sign represents the persona you're projecting and where your life is headed.

  • Aries: Taurus season has your mind and energy focused on your values and how they align with your self-worth...or not. Money and status and what those mean to you will be forefront in your life. Ask yourself if what you do to fill your bank account matches what you need to fill your soul.

  • Taurus: Happy Birthday, Bulls! This is your time to really feel grounded in who you are and where your life is at this very minute! Celebrate all you've achieved so far before you get back to work building something new. It's okay to celebrate even when it feels like the world around you is crumbling. It's that hard-working Taurean energy that's helping all of us stay grounded right now.

  • Gemini: Your hidden world is rising to the surface right now as you seek to examine your limiting beliefs, subconscious, and wounds in need of healing under the grounded light of this Taurus sun. Do the dirty work now so you can embrace your birthday month unencumbered.

  • Cancer: Your focus shifts toward the communities you're a part of, and the ways in which they support you as an individual. This area of your life has likely been undergoing some renovation for some time now, and this brings with it an opportunity to check-in and see how you're feeling about it. Are there any groups you need to let go of? Any that you've deepened your commitment to? Investigate and give thanks where needed.

  • Leo: Your main focus shifts toward your career and the security it gives you, or the security that you wish it gave you. Perhaps you're settling in or slowly moving forward on a big project without worry. This might not be a super exciting project, but one that needs to get done to open up more space or establish more security for future work and success. Just remember that, while work calls, so too does life. Don't bury your fire in work. You need air to breathe!

  • Virgo: Your core focus shifts to the way travel and your worldly wisdom can bring you security and some basic pleasures. You may be craving a vacation, staycation, or even just a trip to a museum after all that shelter-in-place. But whether you can or can't travel during Taurus season, that doesn't mean you can't indulge your voracious need to learn more and find comfort in that learning. Instead of mindless binging, pick shows or movies that lift you up instead of numb you out.

  • Libra: Your focus turns to the way intimacy and the things you share with others can bring you more security and help you find the simple pleasures in life. You're so good at balance, so embrace that during Taurus season as you spread the workload more evenly in your own life. Have you taken on too much, or too little? Have you given too much of your energy away, or do you need to step it up and contribute more?

  • Scorpio: Your intensity turns its eye toward your most serious of partnerships and how they make you feel secure, and help you see and enjoy the simple things in life. This might not be the romance and sexual energy that you're normally so attuned to, but sometimes bringing love and partnership back down to earth can root us in the present, and help us appreciate where we're at and who we're with. Enjoy the moment.

  • Sagittarius: Your focus turns to your health and daily work, bringing a sense of groundedness to your day-to-day life. Things need to get done, and you've got the energy (as always) to tackle the work. You may find yourself craving runs outside as the Taurus energy connects you back to the earth and all it provides us. Don't be afraid to mix your routine up to create more space for this.

  • Capricorn: Your attention turns toward romance and creativity as you seek to find joy in life's simple pleasures. This has been a majorly transformative year for you. But with transformation often comes burnout. So let Taurus season be a bit of a reprieve from all of that external turmoil, and just dig into the playful side of being human.

  • Aquarius: Your main focus shifts toward home and connecting with your family. You might be feeling grateful for all that home and your roots mean to you right now, or even returning home after an extended absence. Check-in on how that feels. Have your ideas of home and family changed at all over the past year?

  • Pisces: Your conscious focus shifts to the ways in which you use words to get things done and bring security into your life. Thoughtful communication abounds for you during Taurus season. Don't be afraid to experiment with different methods and modes of communication, as long as they help you meet your goals and feel secure in doing so.



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