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Venus in Scorpio 2021

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

An astro update for you all: Venus has entered Scorpio. Also…Mercury is in its pre-retrograde shadow (in Libra). That means anything happening in your life right now may be up for a re-do or re-think or re-visit later this year.

As you would probably expect, Venus is not necessarily happy in Scorpio. Venus is the planet of relationships, romance, beauty, culture and harmony. Scorpio is depth, intensity, the urge to know WHY and HOW, and a constant source of transformation. In Scorpio, Venus is essentially out of her comfort zone. And so might you be until 10/7. She wants to dance around, but Scorpio wants to fully merge with whatever or whoever is in its crosshairs.

Make some dark art! Write some deep poetry! Wear black! Go deep!

  • Aries: This will be a super intense period of time for all you Rams. Expect to find some added depth, complexity, and challenges within your closest partnerships. Don’t shy away. Dive right in.

  • Taurus: Your long-term relationships might develop an entirely different energy. You might learn something new about a partner, close friend, or colleague that makes you question everything. You might feel like there is a constant cycle of feeling close to, then far from, then close to, then far from. For steady Taurus, this might feel particularly tough. Hang in there.

  • Gemini: Don’t be surprised if you develop some kind of obsession with food, fitness, or work. What was once a casual habit may turn into a compulsion, an activity you just can’t live without. The mundane may feel magical, or at least more necessary than usual.

  • Cancer: You might be surprised at how much the volume of your creativity and passion gets turned up during this transit. You might feel like a dark muse has taken residence in your soul, compelling your to create, create, create and love, love, love. Create with confidence, Cancer!

  • Leo: Your ancestry, lineage, and traditions will be the source of much examination during this transit. You might be drawn to understand where you come from, why you are the way your are, or even why your parents are who they are. You might be surprised by what you find. Even the comfort of your own home might hide many secrets.

  • Virgo: Normally particular and rationale Virgos get dunked in Scorpionic energies and come out dripping sarcasm and raised eyebrows. This change of communication pace might ruffle some feathers, but mostly help you stand up and stand out. Speak your deepest truth, Virgo!

  • Libra: You might find yourself transforming your financial world in some way. This might be driven by some kind of fear of hitting rock bottom, or an attempt at protecting yourself from real or imagined future risks. On the flip side, you might also be flirting with danger and taking big risks in an effort to change it all. It’ll be an interesting cycle for sure..

  • Scorpio: Venus is dancing through your 1st house, giving you space to glory in your own intensity, depth, and strength. You might find yourself more willing to broach tough topics, examine your own darkness, or reclaim a missing piece of yourself you lost along the way.

  • Sagittarius: The depths of the depths. The mental abyss. The darkest of shadows. That’ll be the theme of this transit for you Sagittarians as Venus enters the realm of your chart that is all about the hidden, the subconscious, and the unknown.

  • Capricorn: You might find yourself the source of much magnetism during this transit. Even if you don’t want it. Pay attention to the way navigating friend groups, career circles, or other organizations has people flocking your way in a rotating cast of characters. Don’t give your time to anybody who doesn’t deserve it. Or better yet, hasn’t earned it.

  • Aquarius: Eccentric Aquarians tend to want to flow into the future, rebel against norms. And it really feels like this transit is forcing you to dig your heals in even deeper to those tendencies while in the workplace…even if rocking the boat with a certain person or a certain project isn’t in your best interests. Notice your own jealousy and think before you act!

  • Pisces: You’ll basically turn into a witch during this transit. Don’t be shocked if you’re suddenly obsessed with all things occult, and truly dive deep into the realms of philosophy, divinity, and magic. Merge with and submerge into the ocean of wisdom, Pisces!


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